Back to Anne

After hiatus, we return for three more weeks of The Diary of Anne Frank at Park Square Theatre.

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We head back to Anne Frank beginning on April 10. I hope you can join us. Next year however, Park Square has added some public performances of the show as it's the plays 75th Anniversary. Here is a copy of the review that Cherry and Spoon wrote after seeing our show last year.

My favorite snippit is below if you don't feel like reading the entire post.

"I'm not sure there's anyone better to represent Anne's effervescent and irrepressible spirit than Sulia Rose Altenberg, as she flits and twirls across the stage one moment and bursts out in anger at the annoying grown-ups the next. Anne, or at least this fictionalized version of her, is a person who wears her heart on her sleeve and feels things most deeply, which Sulia conveys to beautiful effect. Other highlights among the strong cast include Michael Paul Levin and Laurie Flanigan Hegge as her warm and understanding parents, Quinn Shadko as the good older sister Margot, Charles Fraser bringing some comic relief as the unique individual that is Mr. Dussel, and Kevin Fanshaw as Peter, who has a sweet and awkward romance with Anne, born of circumstance. As directed by Ellen Fenster (who once again succeeded in making me cry), the entire ensemble brings such a range of emotion to this story, from hope and joy, to boredom and irritation, to true terror at the state of the world and their future. All of this takes place on Gabriel Backlund's clever and effective set that makes the Achterhuis look like a cozy place to camp for a few weeks, although perhaps not for a few years."

Thank you for the kind words Jill!