Fringe 2017!

It's my 10th year at the Fringe Festival... where have I been all this time?

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The Wright Stuff; Or You'll Believe We Can Fly by Josh Carson and Andy Kraft, produced by Outlandish Productions. It's a comedy about the Wright Brothers, if you hadn't already guessed that. I play the little known sister, Katharine Wright. From the producers: The story of two brothers who got knocked down -- but they got up again. Nothing's ever going to keep them down. Get Tickets

Synchronicity by Jenny Moeller, produced and created by Raw Sugar. This one will also be a fun one. We first produced the show in 2013 as part of Theater Unbound's Girlshorts Festival. At the time, it was a 20 minute piece about 5 girls based of Comedia del'arte characters who were competing in a sychronized swimming competition. This year, it's a full 60 minutes and filled with 7 wacky comedia characters and roller skates! I play the lover archetype, Penelope. This show has definitely been a long term collaborative process and I'm so excited to swim on stage for the Fringe! From the producers: It's tough being 12. Even tougher when you've got a community synchronized swim meet to dominate. Bathe in a pool of glory with the Ladies of Lake Street as they battle the competition and themselves! Get Tickets!

Fun fact: I have two two show days: Saturday, August 5th and Wednesday, August 8th! The thing with Fringe that has changed since two years ago, is that you now buy a day pass. So on Saturday you can see both shows (along with 5 others that day!) for only $22 or Wednesday it's if you're an adult! Both times the shows are back to back so you won't have to find a show to squeeze in between or for a short dinner that's awkward - how amazing is that!