Many Projects

From November to January

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Most recently I’ve been working with my good friend Matthew Gogola on a little singing duo called “Matthew and Sulia.” We are beginnnig to start to play at Senior Living Centers with folk, pop and soul tunes. Matt plays beautiful guitar while I sing. It is absolutely magical. 

I’ve also been working on a WWII project called “Intergen 900”. We have been interviewing veterans at their residents and learning about the war and their experience, and one day it’ll be a show!

Since connecting with PACER center and their two puppet shows for young people, I’ve began learning a role in their Kids Against Bullying show. If you haven’t checked this organization out before, they’re awesome! Google it! 

Then one of my favorite things I’ve been up to has began rehearsing this week: The Chicago Avenue Project at Pillsbury House! Carolyn Pool and I are performing in a play written by one of the many young people in the neighborhood and making thier first play come to life! It will be so much fun. More info to come!

Next week I head to New York City to see 3 magical shows.