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This is an overview of my latest projects.

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Sulia Rose Returns

Ting writes about the return to Anne Frank for Park Square's blog

A few weeks ago I met with Ting, one amazing usher at Park Square Theatre. We talked about my return to Anne.

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The Diary of Anne Frank

Returning to one of my favorite roles

The Diary of Anne Frank is one of my favorite projects. I get to work on the Proscenium stage at Park Square Theatre and with one of the best cast and crews. This year was especially wonderful as I had more time to work on our lead character with the magical director, Ellen Fenster!

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Review of Waiting for Waiting for Godot

Cherry and Spoon

We have had so many wonderful reviews of Waiting for Waiting for Godot!

Aisle Say Twin Cities! Talkin Broadway! Cherry and Spoon! Single White Fringe Geek! MinnPost!

Get the links and the highlights here!!

Waiting for Waiting for Godot

Loudmouth Collective

Come check out my next project - Waiting for Waiting for Godot. By Dave Hanson Directed by Matt Sciple

The best info can be found in the Loudmouth Collective Website